About Lesson Plans & Information Topics

Are you new to the magical world of movement and music?

Have you ever wanted an idea to extend a child initiated interest?

Or simply just needed refreshing new ideas?

Creative Capers Lesson Plans and the Information Topics offer loads of original movement and music focused activities for you to download and use in your own environment. You can simply select an idea or activity from the Creative Capers Lesson Plans and Information Topics to suit your program or the children's needs.

I have spent many years teaching, so all these ideas have been experienced and loved by hundreds of children many times over!

Each lesson includes learning outcomes, visual balance cards, how to make instructions for props and musical instruments, full colour song cards and activity cards, finger puppets, teaching points, extensions and age appropriate progressions, safety points, songs, chants and poems. 

You can download and print as much or as little as you wish to purchase or use.New Lesson Plans will be uploaded regularly for you to continually enhance your program.

I hope you enjoy using the resources.