About Robyn Crowe

Robyn Crowe has a variety of eduactional experiences as a qualified primary teacher, early childhood teacher, art therapist and councellor, having spent many years teaching in schools, early childhood settings and at the tertiary level.

Combined with her teaching job, Robyn was a national presenter for Gymnastics Australia for over 20 years, and with her specialization in early childhood movement and music (and the impact it has on brain development and learning), Robyn has now become keenly sought after as a popular motivating presenter, locally, nationally and internationally at conferences and workshops.

Robyn's professionalism and varied experience, combined with her unique ideas, creativity and passion for children's education has led to her authoring an exciting collection of original manuals, CD's and visual resources for early childhood educators, coaches, parents and child care providers.

Recently Robyn has taken her knowledge and experience to work with Andrell Education, professionally supporting teachers in prewriting and writng programs within schools and assiting in the development of an early years direction. 


Kate Hanratty

Kate Hanratty's love of music and singing, her amazing talent and variety of experiences have enhanced the songs she co-wrote with Robyn Crowe. Her beautiful vocals and creative (and often humorous) compositions have been enjoyed by children for many years and she has left a legacy for generations to come. May you now be singing forever with the angels Kate.


Sian Crowe

Sian Crowe is a young girl with a beautiful voice (but then I am biased). She sang some of the songs available throughout the resources and Lesson Plans. Kate was a mentor for Sian and taught her to nurture her love of music, to believe in herself, to have a dream and to sing from the heart.


Redwood Recording Studio

All of our music was recorded at Redwood Recording Studio in Ballarat, and is a creative place filled with fun, laughter and amazing talent. Musician Graeme Hodge is the gifted man who wrote/ arranged our music and guided us with the children's songs we created. A very clever, very honest, wonderfully funny man!