Article 02 - How To make Sammy The Shaker

                  How To make Sammy The Shaker

Use the hollow cardboard cylinder from the middle of a finished cling wrap or foil wrap (or similar source).
Cut 4 x 10cm length strips of PVC tape or similar. This tape comes in varying colours as well and can be obtained from supermarkets or hardware outlets.

Place this tape across one end of the cylinder completely covering it. To secure the tape, place another longer strip long ways around the edges as shown.

Carefully pour uncooked rice or pasta or lentils into the cylinder. (Be aware that some will stick to the sticky side of the tape inside the tube... so put enough in to make a sound when shaking.)

Securely tape up the remaining end.

Decorate it anyway you wish.

If you want to create Sammy, use stickers for eyes, draw on the mouth and other facial features and securely tape ribbon or crepe paper for the hair.
To create varying images, vary the hair colour and style e.g. short, spiked, pigtails and ribbons etc.

Shake It (by Robyn Crowe and Kate Hanratty)
                                                                    Available on the MOVING TO LEARN CD
Bears Blues (Music arranged by Graeme Hodge)
Bears Line Dance
                                                                    Available on the CREATIVE CAPERS 2 CD

Refer to the Moving To Learn book and CD if you would like more information and ideas on Home Made Musical Instruments. 

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