Moving To Learn : Book and CD

Moving To Learn : Book and CD

Finally the manual that didn't come with the baby! An easy to read book following the stages of a developing child aged birth to 3 years. It explains the why as well as how to spend time with your child. An accompanying 67 track CD of original songs accompanies the book. Suitable for all childcare providers, parents and educators of children aged birth to 3 years.


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This exciting book is cleverly illustrated to enhance the actions and activities plus a 67 track CD which follows the development shown throughout the book.

Areas covered include body awareness, tummy time, rolling, rocking, spinning, swaying, swinging, crawling, jumping, fine motor and massage activities, language, counting and eye tracking activities, musical instrument activities, daily routine and environmental activities, relaxation and lullabies as well as self esteem ideas for the young child. All this can be shared with your child for little or no cost within your home, care or education environment.

A comment from a young parent... "I was always wondering what to do I know...It wont cost me anything to help my child to learn and have fun and we can do it together"

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Moving To Learn : CD
Suitable for all childcare providers, parents and educators. This 67 track CD can be purchased separately without the Moving To Learn manual. It is full of original and exciting songs and chants that have been written specifically to cover the developmental stages of a child aged birth to 3 years. Many of the songs can also be enjoyed by 4 to 5 year old children as well.
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