Learning with Elastics Manual

Learning with Elastics Manual

Suitable for children aged 3- 8 years

Elastics have made a come back! As well as a form of fitness, physical development, co-ordination and enjoyment, this resource offers many and varied original ideas and activities not experienced before on how to use individual elastics, looped elastics, large elastics and co-op bands.

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Elastics can be fun, versatile, inexpensive, used indoor and outdoors, suitable for all ages, offering physical challenges, enhancing rhythm, rhyme, numeracy and language development, social skills and visualization.

Individual, partner and group activities are shown in creative ways to enhance learning.

Accompanying chants have been written specifically for this resource along with some favourites.

Each page is fully illustrated complimenting the text, to give you clear information. This resource covers information on balance, spatial awareness, jumping progressions and skills, plus many exciting and different ideas for elastics activities. Included are teaching points on all activities plus information on jumping techniques with related skills and progressions.