Balances Illustrations: Using Individual Elastics

Balances Illustrations: Using Individual Elastics

Suitable for 5-8 year old children

There are 32 x A4 sized full colour illustrations in the set, showing a variety of balances, body positions, geometrical shapes and spatial awareness experiences using the Individual Elastics. 

This is a downloadable item that you will receive as soon as you place your order, so you can print it yourself!


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Each of the full colour illustration are colour coded and progress in degree of difficulty from easy balances to more challenging balances. 

The child in the illustration performs a body shape or balance and the elastic creates another shape depending on the body part holding or supporting the elastic.

There is also a geometrical shape in the corner of each card to indicate the shape being made by the elastic. This acts as a visual cue for the children and becomes part of the learning.