Creative Capers 1 : Partner Balance Cards (Full Colour)

Creative Capers 1 : Partner Balance Cards (Full Colour)

Suitable for all childcare providers, parents and educators working with children aged 3-6 years.

A set of 13 wonderful A4 sized illustrations showing 2 children performing varied balances. The children are mirroring each others balance. The emphasis is on leg, knee and lower body awareness.

You will be able to download these illustrations after you place your order. You can then immediately print and laminate each card for long term use.


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The Partner Balance Cards show a variety of body positions to enhance spatial awareness, balance and lower body awareness. Body positions include standing, sitting, lying on stomach or back, and inverted.

These cards can be laminated by you at your centre or work environment and can be used for inside or outside activities, with a partner or small group or as part of an equipment circuit.