Creative Capers 1 : Yoga Balance Illustrations

Creative Capers 1 : Yoga Balance Illustrations

Suitable for all childcare providers, parents and educators working with children aged 4-8 years.

A set of 16 cards x A4 sized full colour cards, showing a variety of yoga poses for children. These cards can be used in small groups, in pairs or individually.

These resources are supplied as a zip file which you can print out straight away!


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Yoga originated in India and the practice is thought to bring union and balance of the body and mind.

The practice of Yoga involves a form of gentle exercise and stretching that can improve the body's posture, strength, flexibility, fluidity of movement, enhances awareness of breathing to calm the mind and body, as well as a continual development of self confidence and better use of the body's energy.

Use the illustrations as a Group Activity, by using them as Flash Cards to show the whole group or small group of children the balance to perform. Once that balance is performed or held for 10 seconds then select another balance to display.

The illustrations can also be used as Individual activity where the children can select their own balances and perform them on a soft mat area or clear grassed area. It is best to explain the balance to the children initially as a small group, encourage the children to then perform and practice the balance. Once this has been experienced they can perform the balances on their own as they then know the techniques and correct body positions.

They can also be used as part of a circuit where the Yoga balance illustrations can be placed as activity stations on a mat which has been positioned between items of large equipment ( either inside or outside environments).