Begin With Gym : Balance Using a Beam

Begin With Gym : Balance Using a Beam

Suitable for 4-8 year old children.

A set of 25 different FULL COLOUR illustrations that show a variety of balances using a beam.

These resources are supplied as a zip file which you can print out straight away!


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Many balances performed on floor mats can be performed on a low bench or beam.

These balance illustrations add a challenge to the children's perception of space around them (spatial awareness) and of height awareness.

To ensure the safety of the children, they must experience these balances on the floor BEFORE attempting them on a raised surface.

In a school, educational or community setting always only use a low bench or beam when working with children aged 4-8 years unless experienced gymnasts trained to use a higher beam.

At a recreational level high beams are not advised for this activity.

The educator/adult holds up one of the balance illustrations and the child performs that balance. On the low bench or beam. Another illustration is then selected.

The children can also work in pairs and one child holds the card while the other performs the balance. They then swap roles.