Creative Capers 1 : Movement & Dynamics

Creative Capers 1 : Movement & Dynamics

Suitable for 6 years and older

This is just a very basic introduction to the music concepts of loud and soft sounds (Dynamics)and using
this concept to enhance movement for early childhood.

These resources are supplied as a zip file which you can print out straight away!


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1. Print and laminate the A4 sized illustrations that can be used for a variety of movement and music experiences.

2. Print as many as you wish of each of the pages showing the combinations of loud and soft sounds (The music term is Dynamic). The short bars indicate soft and the taller bars indicate loud sounds. There is also ascending bars to indicate a Crescendo ( going from soft to loud) and a Decrescendo (going from loud to soft)

3. The children can either use a single sheet of coloured bars or have several of the varying pages to create a longer sequence.

4. Place these A4 printed/laminated pages on the floor.

5. The children can use as many sheets and combinations as they wish to create a pattern or sequence, then change the sequences once completed.