Creative Capers 1 :  Manual

Creative Capers 1 : Manual

Suitable for all childcare providers, parents and educators working with children aged 3-6 years.

This manual has been written to enhance an awareness of movement and music and specifically to focus on rotation, spring and landing skills. It is full of original and creative activities and varied skills to enhance rolling, jumping, hopping and skipping and the children are learning all of this through songs, chants, stories and movement.


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The manual has been clearly written and illustrated offering many challenges and extension skills. Body awareness, scatting, voice variation, body shapes, visualization and imagination, sign language, dance tracks, rolling, rocking, spinning, swaying, swinging, crawling, jumping, skipping and hopping skills, hand apparatus, fine motor activities, relaxation, language, counting and eye tracking activities, musical instrument activities, how to make simple musical instruments to extend the songs and activities are all areas that are covered. Something for everyone! Take an adventure with 'Rod the frog' and his many friends into a world of movement!