Begin To Sing : Song book

Begin To Sing : Song book

Suitable for children aged 2-5 years

The Begin To Sing Song Book contains the words and the illustrated accompanying actions to the 70 original songs and chants and accompanies the Begin To Sing CD. 

This is a PDF that you will receive as soon as your order is placed.


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The 70 original tracks include the topics...The Body, Feeling (emotions), Growing (plants), Flying (birds), Balloons, Spiders, Clothing, Spots and Dots, Elephants, Rabbits, Relaxation

Samples (30 seconds)of some of the songs and chants can be heard by clicking below. Please wait a few seconds after you click on the song title for the music to begin.

 Song Titles


1. SONG: Bend Your Knees

2. SONG: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (traditional)

3. SONG: Tickle Tickle

4. SONG: Clap Clap

5. POEM: Hiding

6. CHANT: I Cover My Eyes

7. SONG: Shake It

8. POEM: When I Stand On Tippy Toes


9. SONG: Ring A Ring A Rosie (traditional)

10. SONG: Wave Them Shake Them

11. POEM: Say Goodbye


12. SONG: A Tiny Seed

13. STORY and MUSIC: Growing

14. SONG: A Little seed

15. SONG: Plant Plant

16. CHANT: Water the Garden

17. CHANT: Two Little Flowers

18. CHANT: Round and Round The Garden (traditional)

19. SONG: One Little Flower

20. CHANT: Two Three Flowers Four

21. SONG: Little Seed


22. SONG: Let's Jump

23. SONG: A Little Nest

24. CHANT:Two Little Dicky Birds (traditional)

25. POEM: A Bird In a Nest

26. SONG: Five Little Birds

27. POEM: The Bird's Lunch

28. SONG: The Kookaburra Hop

29. POEM: I Can Fly


30. SONG: Now I'm Rolling

31. SONG: Rolling Rolling

32. POEM: Up Up Up

33. SONG: I Roll My hands

34. POEM: Stretch Up Tall


35. SONG: Spider Magee

36. SONG: Incy Wincy Spider (traditional)

37. POEM: Creepy Crawlies

38. SONG: Hairy Legs

39. SONG: Wibbly Wobbly Knees


40. SONG: Put A Shirt On

41. CHANT: Cobbler Cobbler (traditional)

42. SONG: It's Shoe Time

43. SONG: Little Baby Ben

44. SONG: Wash Our Clothes

45. POEM: What Is It? (poem)

46. POEM: I Place My Hat

47. SONG: Look At me

48. SONG: My Buttons

49. SONG: Righty-ity-ity-oh


50. SONG: Wave and Jump

51. SONG: Jump in The Middle

52. SONG: Big Spots, Small Dots

53. SONG: Red BlueYellow and Green

54. SONG: Around The Spot

55. SONG: Paint pot

56. SONG: Point Your Finger

57 SONG: Place The Hoop


57. POEM: Elephants Walking

58. SONG: The Elephant Danced

59. POEM: The Elephant's Trunk

60. SONG: The Elephant Itch

61. CHANT: A Long Trunk (chant)

62. SONG: The Jungle Jive

63. STORY: On The Way To The River


64. SONG: In Out

65. POEM: Nibble Nibble

66. SONG: Wiggle Waggle

67. POEM: I Chase My Tail

68. SONG: Hipperty Hop


70.SONG: Lullabye