Begin With Gym : Balance On Objects Illustrations

Begin With Gym : Balance On Objects Illustrations

Suitable for 4-8 year old children.

A set of 27 differenct FULL COLOUR illustrations that show a variety of balances using one or two objects.

These resources are supplied as a zip file which you can print out straight away!


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When height is involved the perception of balance changes. These activity cards offer the challenge to the children once the balances have been acquired on the floor or at ground level.The balances and body shapes are familiar to the children as they have been previously experienced, now the challenge is too perform them on objects. 

Use small fabric circles you cut out yourself from thick flannel fabric or plastic backed curtain fabric, or purchase sets of non-slip vinyl circle or square shapes from sports retail suppliers to use for these activities.

The cards can be used in small groups, individually, outside or inside or as part of an equipment circuit or activity station.