Creative Capers 1 : Bean Bag Balance Illustrations

Creative Capers 1 : Bean Bag Balance Illustrations

Suitable for all childcare providers, parents and educators working with children aged 4-8 years.

A set of 15 cards x A4 sized full colour cards, showing a variety of balances using a bean bag. These cards can be used in small groups, in pairs or individually.

These resources are supplied as a zip file which you can print out straight away!


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When a bean bag is used as part of a balance or body shape, it can challenge the child�s perspective and awareness.

The children experience balances while standing, sitting, lying, kneeling, facing downward and facing upward, enhancing their awareness of space as well as their body. Body and spatial awareness are vital for children to learn effective, fluid, coordinated movement and physical skills.

These illustrations can be laminated by you for long term use and used as part of circuits, individual challenges or as group flash cards.

There are more bean bag activities listed in Lesson Plans 6 and 8