Creative Capers 1 : Individual Balance Illustrations (full colour)

Creative Capers 1 : Individual Balance Illustrations (full colour)

Suitable for 3 - 8 years

A new, extended and improved A5 sized full colour version showing 30 Individual Balances focusing on leg and knee awareness as well as spatial awareness. There are 2 stages of progressions illustrated that can challenge and extend the children.

These resources are supplied as a zip file which you can print out straight away!


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Leg and lower body awareness is vital for children to experience and to be able to gain strength, co-ordination and control in. Simple age appropriate opportunities provided through these illustration offers visual cues for the children and a clear way for them to self correct once performing the skill or balance.

The children have opportunities through these visual illustrations to perform the skill facing upward, facing downward, lying, standing, kneeling etc. This allows for true spatial awareness experiences in varying positions.

Once the child is practiced and has many varying experiences in this, as they get older they will find the progression to jumping, hopping and skipping a little easier. as they will be comfortable in the many ways their legs can bend and move.